“30min Fun Topics Absorption Time” update.


I am successfully continuing my streak of “30min Fun Topics Absorption Time,” as mentioned in the last post. The streak started on 12.24. last year, and began with the following topics in mind:

  • Money
  • Art
  • Clothing
  • Properties
  • Farming

Farming. I quickly concluded that for this topic, I could keep absorbing information forever, and it would be 99% useless, unless I actually do something with it. Much information out there was practical. Lots of diligent farmers out there! Much variety too. Commercial, private. Large scale, small scale. With animals, without animals. From all over the world. But I am not one of them. And thus, their practical knowledge remains theory for me. So, I will drop this topic from the list until (maybe) I actually start farming. (By which I mean, a very tiny small hydroponic garden or a small veggie farm for myself. It’s barely farming. More like gardening, I guess.) This could be years from now. Or never.

Properties, fun topic. Videos showing beautiful properties tend to be visually pleasing. This could be my alternative to cat videos. I especially like watching videos about ranch estates. Hahaha. It kinda overlaps with the farming topic, above, without the actual hands-on farming. There are many beautiful ranches in this world. I shall keep this topic on the list. Good for relaxation.

The clothing topic, I didn’t get to, at all. This has largely to do with the fact that my go-to clothing is pajamas or resembles pajamas. But I’ll keep this topic on the list.

And I dabbled in the money topic. It’s a fun topic. But most stuff I could find was

  1. sales-y,
  2. superficial,
  3. or theoretical.

Also, the comments tended to be annoying. And it’s difficult to not catch glimpses of the comments section. (Youtube’s people are doing their job excellently.) “The rich people get tax deductions from charity and that is bad blah blah blah.”

Oh my gods. I shiver. To think that one of the first things some people think when they hear the word “money” is what’s wrong with rich people! I am physically repulsed.

This is like, you give a person a knife, and the first thing they think about is killing someone, instead of cooking.

Or, you give someone fire, and the first thing they think about is burning down a forest, instead of cooking.

You give someone money (you present someone with the possibility of money) and the first thing they think about is abuse instead of use. And such people seriously think that something’s wrong about money or the “big bad rich people”? Or “society”?

It seems that there is this idea that money is an external thing; that it is actually truly really an external thing, just because there are folks who attempt to form policies around money.

But… No. If all the money in the world were to be equally distributed across the whole population, that would result in a disaster. Give money to those people who think they’re fighting for justice, against the “big bad rich people.” They wont’ be able to do a thing with it. How do I know? Because they think rich people are bad. Because they think they aren’t rich. Therefore, very simply, they cannot be rich. Neither can they create any sort of abundance for someone else. Even with all the money, they won’t be able to do anything. What goes on in the head of someone who thinks abuse first, use second? Nothing useful. Much abuseful. They don’t even know how terrified they are of money. They will not save the poor. They cannot even save themselves. Thank gods that they don’t have too much money. And clearly, they agree! They absolutely do not want money. Literally, they say so. So, surely they won’t be mad at me or anybody else who doesn’t give them money. Money is a concept with too much energy, too strong a force. They don’t want it. It’s good for the whole world that money does not like visiting them either.

There you go. A shower of gold.

If you’re here, you probably don’t want to be terrified of money while thinking that you’re fighting for justice. So I figure you gotta cleanse yourself with some golden shower. That way, you can actually use money (gold, abundance, whatever) instead of being terrified while heavily clinging to notions of abuse.

Anyway. I don’t know how I can avoid looking at the comments section on a video, once I’m on a video’s page. So, I will leave this topic on the list, but not attempt to actively look up anything. Whatever information that comes my way will come my way. If nothing comes, then so be it, for now. Probably, information will not come through Youtube. Argh. It’s depressing. Anytime you present someone with an option and they think of abuse instead of use, it’s depressing. If this were to happen with writing, such terrified people will try to stop others from writing for fear of brainwashing and propaganda. (I guess that does happen, sometimes somewhen.)

If I die poor, I hope to die simply poor, not poor and terrified.

The really interesting topic was the one of art. I picked several Youtube channels that provide an overview of various artists across the world. (None in English.) My initial impression is that I feel admiration for these artists, even the ones who are really weird, like Mondrian. (The dude fought with his colleagues who dared to use diagonal lines instead of straight horizontal and vertical lines only.)

I am still fatigued by the whiny victimitis of tech people. Meanwhile, none of the artists I absorbed information on could ever be victims, because they goddarn stand up for their art. Even when it’s in a really weird way (again, Mondrian), at least they don’t whine about “other people weren’t nice to me when they pointed out that my work sucks.” It’s a matter of darn horizontal and vertical lines, and they are important, therefore they will fight, but the fight is worth it, because damn it, of course diagonals don’t belong in a painting. It’s not real art if there are diagonals!!!!

Some artists were willing to starve for their art. It’s not an ideal situation, but darn, the guts. It takes some golden guts to do that. See, as I said. If I die poor, I hope to die simply poor, not poor and terrified. I guess these artists thought something similar. Even if nobody else sees the art in my art, I will simply die an unsuccessful artist, instead of unsuccessful and terrified.

So, the remaining topics are:

  • Money
  • Art
  • Clothing
  • Properties

“30min Fun Topics Absorption Time” is a bad name, by the way. I should think of something more succinct.