AI abundance vs. poverty?


I was playing at the Night Cafe ( with some images that I may or may not include in the posts on the new site. I am not sure yet if images prohibit imagination or help it.

Regardless of whether I do use images or not, I find these gorgeous:

I mean, wow. Wow! The style I chose for four of the above images was “Surreal.” The only one with a different style is the top-right one, with the Nightcafe default style.

These images aren’t exactly what I had in mind. Seems that AI image prompting is an art in and of itself. Seems that practice is needed. But, again, the images are still gorgeous!

Then I ran out of credits. I wasn’t gonna spend $ without trying the free version first. Hehe. The free version was set to Nightcafe default and Stable Diffusion 1.5. And I got these:

😭😭😭 ???

Is this what you get when you’re poor? Where did the flair go? Where did the life go? Why do these silhouettes look more desperate than the ones from the first batch? Like they know they didn’t require a credit, like they know they’re free images?!


I find this funny and mildly disturbing. But only mildly so. No entity in this world owes me free gorgeous images. People don’t even get free electricity. I guess if and when I do decide to use AI-generated images, I’ll pay for them.


From Nightcafe’s “Buy Credits” page: “Every NightCafe user gets 5 free credits each day that you login or use the app.”

I guess I shall just wait for tomorrow then… 😉 There is hope for the AI-poor!