Christmas Past of a 90s Kid


I have always thought that the concept of “Santa” is creepy.

An old man with a long white beard dresses in red (top and bottom!), sneaks into people’s homes, and instead of taking something, leaves behind something that he thinks the residents will like? And, like, that’s all he does? That’s his job?


Really, think about it. In many ways, it is more disturbing that someone leaves stuff behind, instead of taking stuff. (Similarly, the fear I have of things entering my body unwantedly is greater than the fear I have of things leaving my body unwantedly.)

So, of course, when they told me that I should smile for a picture with Santa, I friggin’ did not smile:

Now, this particular gentleman here may be a very nice gentleman indeed, but the fact that he was wearing that top-and-bottom red outfit creeped me out thoroughly, I think. I don’t remember the moment, but look at my face. Hahahaha. “Sir, get your face out of my face, please.”

And while I was going through old photographs, I thought I’d share some more. Cause. Look at those 90s vibes. Some of these clothing styles are coming back; it is ridiculous. Hahaha. Younglings these days are recognizing the beauty of COLOR.

From around the same age, but not around Christmas.

Winking, much difficult. I have since gotten better at it.

Much color! But also, the scanner app on my phone makes everything look paler and brighter; the actual photograph has more depth.

The next photograph might be slightly shocking.




Hehehe. About 20% of the pictures from this era feature me kissing my baby brother—who can barely sit upright. But also, he didn’t try to move away from me, so I assume he didn’t dislike it.

And that thing in my hand is my rabbit doll. 😀

The end.