Coffee tourism!


This was my favorite tour during our trip. I like going on tours (the short ones, the half-day-or-shorter ones) because I get to hear all kinds of random things about the city from a resident. I guess I could attempt to get information online and/or visit the places that the tour guide takes the group to… but why would I? For only $59 I get to let someone else take me and a few other people around the city. Coffee included!

This was the tour we went on:

The tour guide’s name was Carter. She was great. All the coffees we tried were great. We tried three, and that was more than enough for me. Not three full cups, but three half cups.

It was quite a moistury day. I guess that’s how early-summer days are, in the Seattle region. You can see the moisture in the pictures, more so than with your human eyes.

As to the object hanging from the middle of nowhere, in the middle picture: apparently, there is an unknown person who creates these artworks (dragon-something, they’re called; or something-dragon) and leaves them hanging from random places all over this neighborhood, overnight.

Mmmm. Good honest dark coffee.

Carter had printed out the coffee taste chart. She asked us to describe what flavors we were tasting. But, in a non-pushy way. (I imagine it’s tricky for tour guides to balance between friendly-talkative vs. pushy-annoying. Carter was friendly-talkative.)

Very randomly, I heard this Korean song play at the Cafe:

It’s the ending credit song of a movie about drug lords:

The movie was good, and I liked the song so much, I looked it up right away based on the lyrics. The music was and still is by no means typical Korean. But it just fits the movie’s spirit so well.

Anyway, from my brother, who was in Seattle for work reasons when D and I were there, I knew that there were events going on for Korean culture month… or some such thing. (Culture month, culture week, culture day, I don’t know.) Maybe that’s why someone at the Cafe was playing this song…? Hahaha I don’t know what would be more random: that the barista knew about Korean culture month, or that they knew this song for a different reason.