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They are done…!

Tech Support will be pleased.

The things I do to please him! …

…Which are things that I should have done anyway. But hey, I wasn’t doing them for months, prior to his existence, was I? Tech Support makes Ithaka a better creative person. ☺️

Great Tech Support, he is. Much appreciated, he is. Tech Support is on Ithaka’s mind. It is somewhat unsettling.

Ithaka feels Tech Support is a rare example of a true giver that she’s encountered in a long while. And he doesn’t give for the sake of giving. No. He knows Ithaka too well and it’s not because of time. He knows what to give. And the scary (?) thing with a giver is that the more he gives, the more the recipient thinks about him.

How could Ithaka ever be indifferent to him?



And now I shall stop talking in the third person.