Culture. So much culture. And nature.


Completely unplanned, D and my trip scheduled worked out in such a way that while we were in Seattle, my brother would also be there. And thus, we went to the area of Seattle with the opera house.

And oh, was the area beautiful!

There is a huge park behind the opera house. There was so much green and much pink too, which I shared during the trip. If I were to move to Seattle, I would want to live in this area. This area has everything that I need. It has a huge park, it has a huge grocery store (the kind that not only sells food but also dishes, in case you break a plate or something!), and also it is quiet. And clean. And walkable. Etc, etc.

Oh, and, as always in Seattle, the public restrooms within this park were clean. They even smelled nice. For gods’ sake, what’s up with Seattle’s people? Why are they so clean with their restrooms? I don’t understand. They make a girl from LA all excited with hitherto unknown feelings of security and general well-being.

Moreover, the cafe within the park was nice. It was named Vita.

Quite large, this cafe. Good for sitting, getting some work done, and remaining unnoticed and unbothered.

Part 2 to continue tomorrow. I hear that there is a limit to how RSS feeds render (?) depending on how many pictures are in one post. I don’t know if this is a thing or not; if the feed cuts off when the post size gets too lage. I will try not to attach too many photos in one post, just in case.