Dead, alive, both, neither.


… Mr. Sakamoto seems unbound. Not only is he physically unbound, in that geographically, he travels great distances to collect sound, but also, in his mind he isn’t limited to the concept of instruments. On top of that, I think he doesn’t even operate from the artificial construct of limit or no limit, when it comes to his music.

What is included in the category of “artificial constructs”? Geographical boundaries. Historically accepted notions about the tools of the trade, such as, in the case of Mr. Sakamoto, what counts as an instrument and what not. Critical concepts about what constitutes proper music and what is considered base, lower, uneducated music. The boundary between popular music and acclaim-worthy music. The “us versus them” paradigms surrounding race and nations and religions, all of that.

034 📻 Merry Nostalgia, Mr. Sakamoto.

This is the anniversary episode of Sponge. 🎉🍾🎊🥳🥂 And appropriately, its seed is “Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda.” What an eternal inspiration he is!

Two well-known and beloved works of his are mentioned in the episode:


Ah, the beauty.