Goodbye Seattle.


It was a city of friendly people, many dogs, and freakishly energetic birds.

Also, of unusually clean restrooms (even public ones) and skies that dramatically change colors, ranging from faded white to brilliant blue within a few hours.

Most importantly, it was a city of walking music. Literally, people carrying music devices in their hands or on their shoulders and sharing their choice of music on the streets…!

Fortunately, there weren’t that many people on the streets, ever, so the mixed music didn’t get too chaotic. Still, it was quite interesting to be the recipient of a curious desire to tell the world what you’re listening to right now, in real-time, in the physical world.

Also made me wonder about the Spotify user agreement. 😂 or the user agreement of whichever tool they were using. You’re not supposed to broadcast… it is for personal use only… (can’t imagine that the music sharers actually got a broadcast license.) And yet, here we have a city of walking Spotifies.

Anyway. A curiously quiet yet musical city, Seattle was. Smol city with cute walkable streets. Polite tourists. Quick UBERs.

Now, off to Portland.