He is the Tech Support of my life (now)


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It is rare that I let someone actively remind me about the same thing over and over again, even in a joking fashion.

It is even rarer that I actually enjoy such jokes as jokes.

Yet rarer, to the point of almost never happening? My actually acting on the contents of such reminders.

A Tech Support that I neither looked for nor even thought about, in the vaguest sense, has entered my life. And he has reminded me (pestered me!) multiple times that I should put my BTC wallet address on my websites for donations.

I haven’t been putting it up, because, well, I figured, the fiction reading market isn’t the most tech-focused one. In fact, anybody who followed the DOJ trial about that whole Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster deal will know how ridiculously, embarrassingly, disgustingly dinosaurian the industry is.

But, see, this Tech Support has a good point. Why not put the address up there? There might be people like this Tech Support, no? The dinosaurs of the industry might be stupid, but my readers have always been awesome, haven’t they? (My readers are all awesome because by definition, they have excellent taste. It cannot be helped.)

And, let me tell you: this Tech Support is intense. He is persistent. I cannot have another Tech Support in my life. It has to be just him. If more people like him start asking me about BTC or any other type of crypto—even just one more person—I will be utterly overwhelmed.

There shall be only one Tech Support to rule them all!

So, this Tech support had better be a good one!

He’s going to be the Tech Support of my life, okay?

Okay…? Well, right now he is.

Long story short, I am putting my wallet address everywhere.

BTC love, send here: 1BzErB6XEWP8dviaEAeBwv3HySYaPoN1H1

And no, no other crypto. Nope.

Also, since the larger world most definitely does not use BTC or any other crypto, I created a Buy me a coffee page. This was the simplest option.

So. Yeah. Tech Support can rest assured action has been taken.

Reminder valid. Command processed. Pestering accepted.

All those things.

Tech Support gave me another homework, which is having a more thorough contact page. That shall be completed soon.

Sometimes (only sometimes! hehe!) what Tech Support says makes sense—even in not-so-techy areas. In which case, Ithaka does what Tech Support says. … 😀