I really wanted to try Amtrak…


…I really wanted to try a train ride. I’d never gotten on an American train before. Seattle to Portland seemed like a short-enough-but-not-too-short trip to try it.

BUT. Mudslides. The day before we were supposed to get on the train.

Amtrak casually sent an email, telling me not to worry about a thing. D and I went to the train station.

And see, the train station was quite nice. It was as empty as any other place in Seattle, but very train-station-y, you know? This was what I expected, these high ceilings and clocks and display boards with the schedule and the carvings on the ceilings, wooden benches, etc.

BUT. Again, mudslides. Probably not anywhere close to Seattle, because it’d been sunny for the past few days; possibly somewhere down the train tracks, it’d happened.

So, Amtrak put us on buses. 😭

The bus ride was comfortable enough, but it wasn’t a train ride. The scenery was beautiful, yes. But it wasn’t a train ride. There were many many beautiful giant trees growing along the freeways, and almost no traffic jam until close to Portland. Anyway. Still. Not a train ride.

Bah! Meh!

One day. One day I will use Amtrak. The actual Amtrak train, not a bus.