Japanese Garden, not that Japanese.


We went to the Japanese Garden. It was beautiful as a garden. Also, it’s not that Japanese!

Do a few bamboo objects make things Japanese? I don’t know. Hahaha.

There was an exhibition going on, within the garden. (In one of the buildings.)

The gentleman at the entrance bowed to everyone. Is that Japanese? Hahahaha.

Everything except the very next picture here:

Do things look very Japanese? 😂

I mean, it was a lovely day, and thanks to all the plants, the breeze felt cool and comfortable. (As soon as we were standing right in the sun, it was hot.) But, are they Japanese, these plants?

See, outside the Japanese Garden, there are tennis courts. And these flowers grow right there:

Are they less Japanese? I don’t know!

This whole Washington Park area has other attractions. Hoyt Arboretum is one of them. D and I did not actually go into the forest area, but the entrance is pleasant enough.

I like this much more. Look at the cute dandelions. The first time I heard that dandelions were considered weed in America, I was surprised. They’re so cute! And the little white flowers too!