Last post about coffee tourism in Seattle, 2023.


And off we went to the third and last coffee shop on the agenda. To do that, we kept walking across this cute neighborhood…

Did I mention this already? Multiple times on the trip, I was told by Seattlelites (Seattleans? Seattlers?) that there are more dogs in the city than children. They seemed really proud of this fact 😉 I can’t say I don’t see why.

Anyway, there were about 8 or so in our group. And, once again, the city was SO EMPTY that at no point in time did we have difficulty staying as a group. Truly, I don’t understand how there can be so many buildings and NO PEOPLE. NOWHERE…

…except when we went to this one Starbucks here, with the roastery:

Of course we didn’t buy coffee there. Of course not. Yuck! Methinks Carter would not have approved, had we wanted to drink coffee here! We were just there for the roastery and to make the place more cramped and crowded. There were a LOT of people here. But the mystery still remains. How did so many people GET to this Starbucks location and how were they LEAVING? More precisely, where were they when they were getting to and leaving from the building?

Seriously… Maybe it’s a thing that Seattle’s people learn to do, because it rains so much over there? Yeah. I guess there is a tendency in Southern Californians to loiter at random places, because even if they do stand lazily around, no thunderstorm or even a drizzle will attack them. The likelihood is too low; at least, so it was until 2022. (In 2023, we’re having abnormal weather here. Quite gloomy and rainy.) Anyway, maybe Seattle’s people are just POLITE PEOPLE. They simply do not loiter. They just get to where they need to and that is it. They don’t crowd the streets randomly.

I love that.

The last place we went to: Ghost Note Coffee.

The owner of this place sounded like a combination of inspired artist + mad scientist. He tries different recipes and sometimes they get on the menu, at other times they don’t, and the menu keeps changing.

The flavor we tried tasted like the coffee version of Old Fashioned. Because Old Fashioned is my go-to cocktail, I liked this coffee version too. It was very refreshing, as the day was getting toastier and toastier, bordering on hot.

Again, super great tour. Well worth it.

The balance between walking and resting was excellent. We always had seats (for our group of 8 or so), everyone was friendly, everywhere was clean, and I guess I just like Seattle that way.