Look! Nature!


We went on a half day tour to Snoqualmie Falls and Twin Falls.

Tour info: https://www.viator.com/tours/Seattle/Enjoy-the-Multnomah-Falls-at-over-500/d704-87195P3

I recommend, for those not interested in renting a car. D and I were definitely not interested, and so, it was nice that the tour guide drove us and the group (about 7 people or so) in a van (meant for about 12 people or so). I guess it could’ve gotten slightly uncomfortable, had the van filled up. But it hadn’t. (I wonder if this was because the day before the tour, it was still drizzling. So, people probably didn’t wanna go hiking and then slide and fall–unless they’re hardcore hikers, in which case, they wouldn’t need to join a tour like this.)

This tour was totally suitable for beginners, children, and older folks. In fact, we had two older folks who looked to be in their 70s or 80s–one lady and one gentleman. The lady had a condition (knee?) and thus she couldn’t join us for all of the hike, but there were plenty of seating places, clean restrooms (so Seattle!), and nature to enjoy, even close to the parking lots. And the gentleman was more than capable of walking/hiking way faster than some of the younglings.

This tour is also great for solo travelers. We had one solo traveler, and she mingled + did not mingle just fine. In general, it seems that for whatever reason, people who visit Seattle are just… they’re just normal! Nobody was pushy on any of the tours. Nobody was nosy. All very pleasant.

I like the above picture very much. It’s very much “day after the end of the civilization” kind of dystopian. There’s rust and there are the signature DO NOT ENTER signs, but everything functions and all is well.

And this sign! Ha! So dramatic! It’s kinda like that restroom sign with the baby. So dramatic! In that sign, it looked as if the baby had caused some serious drama with its diaper; here, it looks like the person is falling as if it were the end of the world. So much movement in a static sign! DO NOT EVER GO HERE WHEN IT’S ICY OR WET!!!

More pictures to come in other posts, but for now, I just wanna say:

The houses on the way from Seattle to Snoqualmie Falls were beautiful. They were big, nice, detached houses. And within 40 minutes’ drive from Seattle. Wow. The ideal location. The ideal nature. The ideal air. So nice. And all felt faintly Twighlighty.


It’s like diamonds…!

You’re beautiful…!