German translations.


Smooth sailing in the land of translations, for Starship Ithaka.

I was reminded of the existence of this fictional ship, as the translation for “Museum für Erdkunst” was completed.

The ship in this story was dubbed U.S.S. Ithaka because, at the time, my pen name wasn’t Ithaka. Ithaka was an idea I was fond of–as a symbol.

But now I am Ithaka. So it’s Ithaka everywhere, for this story. It’s Ithaka the writer and then the starship within the story, so it kinda sounds ridiculous, but also, what am I gonna do? Change the name of the ship? Not possible, because the story of Odysseus is mentioned in the story. So it’s Ithakaland all over.

And also outside of this story, the whole motive with ships and sailing and such is still going on. Smooth sailing for Starship Ithaka.

All info on the German translations can be found here. There are quite a few there already. Much pleased. Much being pleased on this ship.