Love and hatred, on a single coin.


“Conditional love is like hatred,” she said, and I think she has a point.

Love, here, doesn’t mean the romantic kind of heart-throbbing love depicted in Hollywood romantic comedies. Love, here, also doesn’t necessarily mean parental love.

True unconditional love, which I want to talk about in this episode, this is a fundamental love, this isn’t a love that can be gotten from trying, necessarily. I mean love that accepts everything as is, unconditionally. In other words, this is love that loves by not doing a single thing. This isn’t love as an activity. This is love as a state of being.

This is the kind of love that one would feel toward a rock.

In this spiritual worldview, the idea is that what you feel toward a rock is truly unconditional, because you don’t expect the rock to be anything else. You don’t look at a rock and expect it to be rounder or sharper. You don’t expect it to be bigger or smaller. You don’t expect the rock to lie 10 meters to the left or right. Or to lie someplace higher or lower.

You look at a rock and you behold the rock and it just is, and you leave it be. Because there are no conditions, there cannot be hatred. There is only pure love, the only kind of true love, unconditional love.

032 📻 To a world of unconditional love.