Lovely truthtelling.


That is one of the marvels of Labrador. His truthtelling is so purely loving of everyone close to him.

What he is doing isn’t lying. It isn’t filtering. It isn’t ignoring facts.

He doesn’t need to lie, filter, or ignore facts. He isn’t even trying to protect people he loves. He simply will not cheat on you—emotionally, psychologically, sexually, intellectually, financially, whatever. Not only does he not do it to you, but to no one in his groups—groups he considers to be “us.” His family, his friend circles, his lover. He isn’t doing this for you, for me, for anyone specific. This is just who he is.

Even after the disintegration of “us,” the sense of security will stay. And we will disintegrate. Labrador knows this too. He even knows I am writing so here.

But it is all right. All is fine.