Lowercase company names.


Just now, I was reading a contract for someone. It’s a short one, just three pages. I’m not a lawyer, but they asked me to do a common sense reading: if a contract says something really odd, a person with common sense can flag that really odd part.

There was no really odd part, in terms of the contract terms. What was odd and confusing was that one of the companies involved had a lowercase name. On top of that, the name meant something in the industry. For example, if this were a contract for apple farmers, this company’s name was “applecider.” So, for the first few paragraphs, I was like, “Huh?”

I mean, the top of a contract will usually say “this agreement is between so-and-so and so-and-so,” where one of the so-and-so will be applecider. But the other parties were capitalized! It was like this: “In the event the Farmer fails to perform the obligations, applecider is under no obligation to pay the Farmer the Fee.”

Even “Fee” was capitalized. That made applecider, first of all, kinda invisible. It got buried in all the other lowercase words. Second, when it was visible, it appeared really small, and not in a good way. 🙃

The weirdest was when “applecider” was the first word in a sentence. “…blah blah blah. applecider blah blah blah …”

??? 😅

I mean. Yeah. It’s just a 3 page contract. But if this had been a 30 page contract, it would’ve been quite annoying.

I don’t know… Is a lowercase name supposed to be cute or something? Well… again, it looks invisible and small. But I guess that was the effect they were going for.