Moistury day continues, in the coffee tourism land.


It was a beautiful day to walk around. One thing I kept noticing is how cute this neighborhood (Capitol Hill) in Seattle was full of aesthetically-pleasing signage:

Ya know… styles like in the left-most picture, for example. This kind of visual could look messy and pure urgh. But somehow someone manages to make this style cool and visually pleasing. It seems disorganized yet so coordinated.

So moistury, still. Water particles in the air. Trees everywhere. So green.

And not a single tree cutter. Just very quiet. So quiet, this city, Seattle.

See, if you’re gonna have trees, just leave the trees be–unless they’re threatening to hit people in the head or something. Why Southern Californians plant so many trees and then make a fuss about cutting them (after watering them etc) is beyond me. Just friggin’ don’t plant trees then.

The above photo, I had uploaded during the trip. It’s my favorite Picture of Pink from the month of May, so I am putting it in this post, again. 🙂

Mushroom coffee! Much healing! Many powers!

The interior design of this coffee shop, Wunderground, was so beautiful. Really, in Seattle, I haven’t been to a place that wasn’t beautiful in its own way. People here really seem to put a lot of care into how coherent their designs are. The artwork in the left-most picture was done by a local artist group. I forget their name, but isn’t it beautiful? Mushrooms growing from a tree!

In terms of taste, the mushroom coffee didn’t taste overly mushroomy. I think the reason it seemed to taste mediciny was more due to my awareness of there being mushroom than due to the actual difference in taste.

Carter got all of us on the tour a little extra too: a sampler of instant-mushroom-coffee, so we could try more of it at home. See, this is another reason I like going on tours. Hehe.