More blue and brown.


Continuing from yesterday, on the Arctic Club Hotel in Seattle…

The room was also blue and brown:

Much calming.
Fancy blue door.

They really like this blue. It probably has a fancy name. It’s a very stark, strong, beautiful blue. In the above picture, it does look about the same shade as in reality; at least to my eyes, that’s how it looks.

What was amusing was that above the bed, there were photographs of people. One such example is here:

Thou shalt sleep, or else…!

Very weird…!

Me and my friend were actually in two different rooms–both times sharing the room, but we moved from one to another mid-stay. The first room was larger, but it faced the ventilator(?) side and my friend couldn’t sleep. So we asked to switch to a different room, which was smaller, but quieter for my friend. (I didn’t notice the difference. My friend kept saying: You sleep like a baby. I told her it’s probably the effect of meditation. Since April or so, I’ve had a few extremely sleepless nights, but other than those, I do sleep like a baby.)

In both rooms, there were photographs of men and women staring down at us, lest anybody does anything silly in bed, anything other than sleeping. Very stern-looking folks, all very judgmental and all that. But, well, as my friend said, I slept like a baby, and she also must have fallen asleep at some point, with or without the noise from the ventilator.

On the first night, after dinner, we stopped by Target to get some mini-wine:

Smol bottle + my hand.

My friend got some champagne, and we shared both the champagne and the red wine.

Coincidentally, the trip’s first day was the day on which the results of my friend’s California bar exam came out. She passed! So, the after-dinner-hotel-drinks session became a celebratory one, instead of a consolatory one.

Much glad for my friend. Much good, many goods, all good.

And here is another lobby picture:

So moist…

The thing with Seattle as well as Portland was that, while we were there, the air was so moist. And that shows in the picture. In person, the air simply felt comfortably moist, but on camera, wow, the lens clearly reacts mega-strongly to this air. But, with or without the foggy effect, the orange/yellow/brown and blue are plenty pretty.

And here is a cute one we met at Target. So adorable! Hehe. Apparently, Seattle has more dogs than children. We heard this line three times or more on the trip. It seemed that the people of Seattle are very proud of their dogs 🙂 And indeed, all the dogs I’ve seen in Seattle (which were almost as many as the humans) were very well taken care of. The dogs belonging to homeless people also had fur that was shiny healthy. Even when the people had shabby clothes, the dogs appeared to be in a great condition. This impressed me. The dogs and their humans clearly care about each other.