Much happiness with iPad recording workflow.


The recording part now happens entirely on the iPad, using Garageband.

Then the file is shared (exported) to the desktop. This part will be done on a friend’s computer, while I’m traveling to Seoul. It’s way easier & faster to run mass changes on Logic Pro. For example, selection-based processing makes the audio sound nicer with a couple of clicks. Plus, some voice effects (filters?) sit on the tracks, and I don’t touch a single thing, except place the exported file from the iPad onto the Logic Pro track.

Being able to record on my iPad will save SOOOOOOO much of everything. Money, time, mental energy–everything. Imagine having to “save my voice” for recording, while meeting friends for the first time in 4.5 years. That would’ve been ridiculous. But now, I can just sit in my room while I’m traveling, and record whenever. I could be a bedroom podcaster. I could be bathroom podcaster!

I am so happy. This iPad, I got many years ago. I believe it was an iPad Air Gen 3. I tried to remove the case to check what’s written on the iPad itself and confirm this. But it seems that the only way to remove the case is by breaking it, so I didn’t do it. This case, too, I got when I got the iPad. It’s worn around the edges, in all directions. But this case is so great. I couldn’t find another one like it.

Come to think of it, this case and this iPad was with me 4.5 years ago, when I was in Seoul the last time. This case and the iPad is about 5 years old and they’re still fabulous. I cannot detect any sign of this iPad dying any time soon. The case might die before the iPad. The iPad, it will probably live another five years. Long live my iPad!