My first Duoversary.


My first Duoversary happened recently. Right now, I have a 400-day-ish streak. Every single day for 400 days, I did at least 2-3 minutes of Duolingo. Mwhawhawhawha!

The grotesque beauty of Duo the owl.

And I want to keep the above as a reference for the grotesque style of the Duolingo illustrator(s). Seriously… Duo feels like a very angry and needy Tamagochi. If I don’t feed it (him?) with practices, it gets very angry at me. It gets so angry that it gets self-destructive. And when it gets really furious…:

10:30pm Duo.

Yeah, that was Duo at 10:30pm. And after seeing it like that, I didn’t wanna push it any further. I did my practice for the day at 10:35pm. What happens at 11:30pm? At 11:59pm? 11:59pm would be too late to put in a practice round. What face would Duo make then? “You aren’t officially dead yet, but you might as well already have died.” That’s what I imagine Duo will say. But I’m not gonna risk my 400-day streak to find out…!

Oh and also, Duolingo has Math and Music. They are both cute. Math, at the very beginner level, has things like, you know, 1+1. And the visuals are super cute. Music is actually difficult, not because the music is actually difficult, but because the app makes you tap the screen to the rhythm and the visuals are a bit… not in sync? I don’t know if it’s just my phone. When I solely listen to the beat instead of watching the visuals, then I get the rhythm correct; when I try to both hear and see, somehow that doesn’t work.

Anyway, isn’t it marvelous that 2023 is a time when people can learn all sorts of stuff on a device that they would have had anyway? Splendid, this is.