New MBTI, yet again.


All the way until end of 2022, I was INTJ.

Then I was ENTJ. From an episode on Sponge, on November 24, 2022:

…I am 59% extraverted and only 41% introverted. …

… I am also 33% sensing and 67% intuitive …

… now I am 61% thinking and 39% feeling. …

… I am 47% perceiving and 53% judging.

017 📻 Hey sister! Hey mister! Am I your type? (Was? Will be?)

And now, I am ENFP.

What! I’m not sure about the lengthy description… (“consider the pursuit of happiness to be the highest priority in life, both for yourself and for others”???) … but the letters changed so dramatically!

I mean, the change was predictable, given how much in my life changed. The very wording on this test doesn’t mean the same thing anymore. (And words change their meanings all the time, so that is not surprising, with or without a life change.)

But still, wow. Compared to end of 2022, only the letter “N” stayed the same. In fact, “N” is the only “strong” type. I am 63% N. Everything else (I vs. E, T vs. F, P vs. J) is borderline:

So, I have become more borderline E/I.

As to S/N, it’s similar to before.

But have become more borderline T/F and the other way around.

And I’ve become borderline P/J, also the other way around.

Am I keeping track of these letters correctly…?

The questions on this test are so weird. This has always been the case. (For example, when they ask whether I like to follow a plan or improvise. Eh, it depends on the project and the situation.) But they felt even weirder for me when I retook it today. For most of them, I said: “How am I supposed to decide…?” And the borderline results show that.

But, “N.” Definitely. That’s the only letter that seems to mean something. It’s the one thing that stayed consistent since the very first time I took this test.

I took the test here:

It might be different from the official version, but hey, it’s free. And It’s a useful test for observing big changes, it seems.