Not about compatibility.


Not about expression.

Not about the viewpoints being expressed, either.

Technically, there are no two entities to be compatible, no expression being conveyed from one to the other, and also, no different viewpoints.

During sitting meditation, this seems so clear. But at other times, not so much. I guess I could aspire to stay in meditation mode at all times. Or maybe this is a matter of building up muscle memory.

I hear that a simple way to see the universal picture is to think of space. The vast empty space.

I exist in my room in front of my iPad and keyboard.

The room exists inside a building.

The building exists inside a neighborhood.

The neighborhood exists in LA county.

LA county exists in California.

California exists in North America.

North America exists within Earth.

Earth is part of the universe.

Where is the universe doing its existing right now? Inside my mind.