Not the building, but the view.


We went to the Pittock Mansion. A somewhat touristy choice. But, there weren’t that many people there. Perhaps five or ten other people were in the building when D and I were there.

So many rooms here aren’t the actual rooms in which the Pittocks resided. I mean, the building is the building, but the objects filling the room (things like the sinks and pipes and all) weren’t as is. So many signs indicated that. And it was like… okay… so the building is the actual building where they lived, but pretty much everything else is new and clean and… yeah.

Many of the furniture were the actual furniture from the Pittocks, it seemed. I wasn’t much interested in any of the objects, except for that cat painting there. What a beautiful cat!

Also, what interested me the most was the view. The view from inside the rooms. Also, outside of the building:

Great day, this was. So sunny, beautiful.

There was a grandpa and a grandma with their two grandchildren, who were sitting at one of the benches. The grandpa asked me to take a picture of them all. He handed me his phone.

And I dropped it…!!!! 😭😭😭

Thankfully, the phone had not broken. Goodness. Ah. So fortunate.

Afterwards, D and I wanted to go to the Rose Garden. But the website said that it was closed on Wednesdays or Tuesdays…? Something like that. Or it was one of their regular maintenance days…? So we didn’t go.

(And the next day–or was it the next next day?–we would learn, on the food cart tour, that there wasn’t much to see in the Rose Garden yet. The roses bloom in June, and there weren’t bloomed roses in mid-May, yet. So, all good. Roses or no roses, beautiful trees and other flowers whose names I do not know.)