On collecting garbage in the basement.


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She says, that’s basically what it’s like to leave emotions suppressed. It’s like piling up garbage in the basement, while cleaning only the upstairs, and wondering why there’s still this reek hanging in the air.

Children who have been taught to suppress emotions (ex: stop crying) will keep ignoring emotions and piling up garbage. When children’s emotions were ignored, they will ignore their own emotions and others’. This will continue to adulthood, unless they resolve such emotions. Sometimes they will cry but not know why, because they are so numb to their own emotions. Such persons are also likely to focus on external factors (other people, facts, money, etc) to solve their problems.

Whereas, when a person is allowed to feel emotions, there is nothing to pile up in the subconscious = the basement.

With a smelly basement, events will occur that will keep reminding the person of the smell.

Coping mechanisms include

  • Pretending one cannot smell the reek (pretending the there is no emotion). Outwardly, such persons can appear calm, polite, reasonable, etc.
  • Noticing smell but distracting oneself. Attempting to forget. (Ex: eating out of stress, dopamine addiction to phone)
  • Uncontrollable emotional explosion. Becoming the emotion. This has nothing to do with releasing emotions, because the gaze is directed outward, not inward. Garbage does not get cleaned.

In all cases, reality keeps creating things that will remind the ego of the smell. Also, there can be psychological and physical illness. (Sleep disorder, eating disorder.) Group-wide suppression can also create social problems.

Ithaka’s notes

I’m not sure about the past life/next life thing, but I can see some sense in the way patterns repeat in a person’s life.

But she also says, the greater the suppression, the greater the reward. For example, if things hadn’t gotten this bad, I would not have started this path of exploration with Nebelung. Also she says, the greater the pain, the greater the love I will be able to give once I overcome this.

In other words, she says, suppressed emotions aren’t “wrong.” They are something to be grateful for. (Gratitude is mentioned a lot by her, and in mainstream psychology as well.)

“Reality is helping you resolve your karma,” she said. (!!)