On the airplane.


From the May trip.

The flight began on a cloudy Southern California day…

But right above the clouds, the sun was waiting…

So much blue…!

Giant mountains…!

Nothing but clouds here.

Nothing but fog here. (I don’t know what the light thingy on the right side is. UFO…! Aliens…!)

About 2.5hrs later, Seattle!

It was a rainy day.

Much fog/cloud + green.

A short and sweet flight. It was good, to be on an airplane again, after so long. An airplane is a great place to feel adrift, because, well, that’s exactly what’s happening. It’s sort of like when you’re in a busy city center when your mind is rushing. The sync between your internal self and external world has a calming effect, even though their states in absolute terms may not be calming at all. Perhaps syncs like these show that there are no true “absolute terms” anyway. Hence the calming effect.

At any rate, the flight was calming in a blue way.