On the blog move.


I moved the blogs on May 24 from write.as to Wodrpress.

It felt very strange. I felt something heavy lying on my chest.

I don’t think it was because I am particularly loyal to write.as. It wasn’t loyalty, it was a nameless feeling. Something unsettling, but not sadness, not fear, not anger. It was similar to fatigue, but not entirely. I felt mildly sick in the throat/chest/stomach. Less the gut, more the upper torso. Not quite crying material, but definitely not smiling material either.

It was an awareness of doing something significant, unlike when I first started blogging on write.as on June 11.

Strangely, I didn’t feel cold. Rather, I felt that my body was warming up as I focused on this unnameable feeling. (This happens regularly; when I meditate, I feel warmer, even as I occasionally shiver.)

I concluded that this was the feeling of death. Some people had found me on r.w.a. Such finding wasn’t going to happen anymore. I was going to be removed from the realities of people who check r.w.a. regularly, and from the realities of anyone who may have found me as a result of people finding me on r.w.a. and then linking to me.

And from my reality, they were going to be removed. Just as a whole category, they were going to be come impossible to exist. We were mutually dying from our realities. I did everything I could to leave breadcrumbs, in case someone wants to find their way back. Other than that, the gods of search algorithms and fortune will have their way as they please.

That said, I’m glad I did move the blog, because now, with the upcoming retirement, it can just sit on my Siteground hosting plan. No extra expenditure, no extra login, etc. Less to think about–less externals.