Polite tourism in Seattle.


Rainy first day continues.

A rainy day. Clean streets. Polite tourists. Oh, so polite. Nobody wielded their umbrella at anybody else. No one folded or unfolded it all over the place, sprinkling water. And amazingly, everyone moved in neat rows. Is it the air of Seattle? I don’t know.

Much pricey…! I never should’ve tipped them. Literally, there was nothing to tip about. We didn’t even get a seat in the restaurant! I curse my American tipping finger. It just auto-tips. It’s madness. They used to start the suggested tip % amount with 12% or 15% about 20 years ago. Now they just start with 18% or sometimes, even 20%. Yeah yeah I get that for some reason, miraculously, in America, unlike in all the other countries all over the world, the restaurant owners for some mystical reason cannot pay their workers without the customers tipping them extra EVEN AFTER the food is more expensive than in other places. But why does the PERCENTAGE have to increase? I don’t know. Is someone increasing the income of other workers in other industries at this rate? I don’t know. Why is it just in America? Again, I don’t know. Clearly I don’t know anything. I am an idiot with the accursed American tipping finger that auto-presses the “YES YES TIP THEM EVEN THOUGH WE DIDN’T EVEN GET SEATS” button.

So we first did the most touristy thing ever, by going to a famous touristy place with a long line. The clam chowder was tasty. So was the Dungeness Crab Roll. It was pricey. However, both my friend and I were full–so full that we couldn’t finish the bun part of the roll. It didn’t look like much, but it was!

Keep the baby at arm’s length when you’re going to the restroom.

The restroom here was super clean. Again, what’s going on in Seattle? Why is it so clean and quiet?

And the sign above is just hilarious. The man & woman on the right look very very much in a hurry. Are they the ones who need to pee? Is it the baby? But the baby looks so tiny. It’s probably in diapers. Why the hurry to the restroom? Is it leaking or what?

And there were a lot of flower shops at the market. So so so so many. Tulip season, apparently; there were a lot of them. And the right-hand picture shows flowers from a shop that chose to install mysteriously blue lights. The flowers, as a result, look like they’re under the ocean.

So much rain this first day. Very gray, but the plants sure liked it. So green!

Also, at one of the random shops:

Wow, this made me think about all the magazines I threw away. Gosh, I should have kept them in mint condition and sold them later. People probably do that, as I type this. I remember I briefly regretted throwing out my old Pokemon cards. But only briefly; because there were a lot of them, and they took up a lot of space. (I used to be an avid collector as an elementary schooler.)

Lastly, more gloomy clouds. So few cars! Where are the people! Yes, it’s a rainy day, but isn’t it rainy often? Such a mystery. Well, for us, it was pleasant to walk around because it was so quiet. The air was clean and refreshing.