Quantum jump.


As much time has passed, as it took for the shift.

Shift, un-shift.

I have not returned to where I was before. I am elsewhere—somewhere I need to be. And the un-shift continues as something other than the un-shift, in that it isn’t so closely tied to the shift anymore. The initial course was to undo things; now there is no course.

Some things I try to remember are:

Change can happen instantly. Awareness rests inward. There is nothing to improve or solve. Problems are an illusion. The only thing of reality is awareness. Everything comes from that.

And I also think about:

The past cannot be reproduced, unless I do the reproducing–by which I mean, assuming that events and people have stayed the same. “Past” events and people may reappear in the present, but so long as I don’t do the reproducing by bringing in the past (and unless they bring in the past), they likely won’t be the same. In other words, “past” events and people won’t be “past”; they will be of the here and now.

Once awareness shifts, there is no doubt, no effort, and no trying–or so the theory goes. There isn’t even the need for faith. There’s only knowing that doesn’t require thinking. This sounds great. I would like to know this knowing state of no-thinking.