Removing accounts from places that “care about privacy.”


Turns out, it’s nearly impossible. Such places don’t say out right that it’s impossible. They just use their “smallness” as passive-aggressive weapons to not allow you to actually fully delete your account.

That could be fine, if they didn’t use “caring about privacy” as a marketing pitch. But it’s not fine when they say they care about privacy. It’s fraud. Yet, because these places are so insignificant compared to the Big Tech places that they frame as privacy robbers, there’s nothing I can do about it. The affected user pool is too tiny. Forever, these small and incompetent places could keep my information while still claiming that they “care about privacy.” At many such places, I’ve even paid them to be that stellarly shitty. I spent about $500 over two years on various shitty services, really hoping that they’ll work.

The only thing I can do right now, without significant investment, is to leave my accounts at these shitty places be. It’s messy and I hate it. I don’t leave around my inactive accounts, usually.

Next time some moron of a developer whines about how the world is so unfair because people rely on Big Tech instead of “better places,” I’m gonna flee. Non-technical people can have that fantasy, but if a supposed technical person is so idiotic that they can’t see why actual users don’t worship them for their moral philosophy, it’s too likely that they’ll contribute to fraud.

In terms of eyework:

Presently, I associate small-tech places with whinery. In fact, when I think of the words whinery/whinism, the first related word that pops up in my mind, these days, is “developers”!

Clearly, these notions don’t have to be intertwined. They’re only intertwined because I make them so. “Facts” don’t matter.

So, I looked around (my life in general). What else do I believe in?

I don’t heavily associate whinism with other groups of people. It’s just developers LOL… Not all developers, even. Just the developers who say that Big Tech is a problem when they have no non-fraud alternative whatsoever. My not seeing whinism everywhere means that my POV isn’t specialized to see the entirety of the world as a victim place. I don’t operate with the assumptions of “The world is an unfair place.” I also don’t have POV specializations that say “The big guys are bad.”

Actually, my experiences with the shitty services from these small developers have solidified my belief that “The big guys aren’t necessarily bad.” They might not be good, but they don’t need to be bad either. The notions of “big” and “bad” have nothing to do with each other, inherently.

Do big businesses have problems? Yes!

Does that mean that small businesses don’t have problems? No!

Also, the world is a fair place. I believe this more so now than before. The shitty developers with shitty services think they want to be big. But they don’t. They never will, so long as they use being small as a weapon against “the big guys.” This is different from simply being small. A business can be small and not associate that characteristic with a moral advantage. But so long as a business sets up its identity based on smallness = goodness, it will never become bigger, unless it is willing to adopt bigness = badness.

In other words, most of the small services that claim to be able to do things better than the bigger “problem entities” are getting exactly what they want. They actually don’t want to be big and thereby influence a huge part of the world, or perhaps even the entirety of the world. They don’t actually want to be the alternative. What many of them want is to keep seeing themselves as “the underdogs” who “fight against evil corporate structures” or whatever some such thing.

So long as one needs to be “the underdog,” guess what one also needs? The overdogs.

So long as one needs to be “fighting against evil corporate structures,” guess what one is clinging to? The evil corporate structures! Without evil corporate structures to fight against, these people lose their identities!

The world is extremely fair.

Based on this, I don’t think I need to de-specialize my POV from whinism = (some) developers. I don’t feel like putting in the effort. Haha… I mean, if I really wanted to get my accounts properly deleted, then I should want the developers to actually have functioning services. But… like… nah. I think I’m kinda happy with the fact that they are bound to fail, in my reality. I’m not obliged to want them to be successful.

Oh, and the other group that I associate with whinery is: those who claim to have “studied” religion/psychology/spirituality for x many years and therefore they think they’re really knowledgeable, but they have ZERO practical application of their “wordlview” whatsoever. In this case, too, I kinda don’t feel like de-specializing. I’m not obliged to want them to be successful, especially because 100% of the time, they don’t actually want to have a great life. What they want, and they explicitly state so, is to want to have a great life.

This is a crucial difference.

A person can want to have a great life–in whatever shape or form they define “a great life.”

A person can also want to want to have a great life. Their identity isn’t associated with the great life. Their identity is associated with the wanting. Thus, for me to want them to have a great life actually robs them of the opportunity to keep wanting.

Arguably, that is cruel.

Anyway, I’ll benefit from continued de-specialization from my witness complex. In my immediate reality, the vast majority of people who claim to be victims aren’t victims. (The rest are children. I’m not sure exactly when the world starts unfolding the way a person expects to; but it doesn’t seem to start right at birth.)

Actually, every single adult, including myself, who claimed they didn’t have something because yadayadayada, made up that “something.”

The world is extremely fair. I always get exactly what I want/need. Everyone else in my immediate reality has been getting exactly what they want/need, too. If it seems like that isn’t the case,100% of the time it’s because they don’t know what they’re thinking, like when I was dealing with fraud services without realizing that I’m feeding my witness complex.