Saved portion from a past post.


That post didn’t make the move to this new place. But some ideas there, I want to keep.

There was the idea that there could be someone with whom we can

cry, laugh, yell, whisper, suffer, rise, collapse, reassemble, break apart, and then be reborn together.

There was this idea too:

And if we encounter someone who makes us dream the craziest, most beautiful reality for ourselves, I suggest we take a moment to wonder why such a someone happened in our life. If someone can make us see the vision and even admit it to ourselves, acknowledge it for ourselves, then they are our chance for metamorphosis. Maybe they are the metamorphosis.

And, it is extremely rare that someone is willing to pull/push another person—and be pushed/pulled, in the process—through a transformation. So, if that pull/push also happens, beyond the initial encounter, then the occurrence of something so rare would be proof that unreal things can become real. Perhaps we should ride the wave of pull/push.

I imagine that sometimes, the trigger of the metamorphosis is the same person as the one with whom we will go through the metamorphosis. At other times, the trigger will be different from the person who will accompany us in the metamorphosis. Sometimes, there will be multiple triggers. Maybe there can also be multiple metamorphoses, simultaneously or in a row.

Whatever the case may be, metamorphoses happen the way they need to happen. I suspect the process works the way our heart keeps beating without our interference, while we sleep.