Scribd split into Scribd and Everand.


This happened some time in early November. (Possibly in late October for some users? Not sure.)

So far, so good.

  1. Content with verifiable IP–such as audiobooks, ebooks, and magazines–now exist separately from documents without verifiable IP. The former live on Everand; the latter live on Scribd.
  2. The name “Everand” can be pronounced in only one way. This is a huge plus! I never knew how to read the name “Scribd.” The “i” was the challenge. Is it “i” like in “scribe,” or “i” like in “scribble”?
  3. I like the neon-yellow-ness of the new Everand app.

Scribd/Everand is a great platform that pays authors as much as any major retailer. At least if the IP-holding writer goes through an aggregator like Draft2Digital, that is what happens. Scribd/Everand pays as much as Apple, Amazon, Google, etc, which is great, but a mystery to me. How Scribd/Everand manages to do so with its unlimited reading & listening model, I do not know. I only know that I like it!

As a user, Scribd/Everand is also great. I only hit the limit of the unlimited subscription (yeah, I know, it’s weird like that) maybe three times in the past several years. And even when I hit the limit, that limit didn’t apply to all content. It was sort of a partial limit. So, there was always something to read or listen to, despite the limit.

I hope Scribd/Everand stay around for a long long time.