I am Ithaka O.

These days, I do most of my existing while unveiling the layers of “growth” I have accumulated in the earlier part of my life. I am returning to or becoming my most unreal child self. While I do that, I absorb things and reflect them back to the world in various forms.

Everything I do under this name is organized here.

The most complete record of everything I do under all names is here.

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  • Blog born: 6.11.2022.. From then until around early May 2023, this blog used to be updated daily.
  • First Spring Cleaning: May 2023. Those who read this blog real-time (ish) until this point would’ve read all the posts. Now, most such posts have disappeared during the cleaning.
  • Retirement: August 2023: Anything less than weekly sounds pretty retired, in comparison to the daily schedule that this blog used to have. Hence I call it retirement. But “retired” doesn’t mean “dead.” Thus, I may occasionally blog… or not. 🙂


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