Streak fail. Instead, ecstasy. The self generated kind. No drugs needed!


The streak with the inconveniently long name ended yesterday. From December 24 to January 8. 16 days. Not bad. But it will not continue today.

The reason is that I’ve been doing what I love the most: writing fiction. And because today was a day heavily focused on backstitch 3, which means lots of absorbing of already-written words instead of writing new words, I didn’t feel like absorbing more stuff. There is an ideal input/output ratio; too much input leads to indigestion. Anyway:

I am so ecstatic. The title of this book will likely be: Orange Town. 🍊

Nothing feels better than writing stories. NOTHING!!! THIS IS ECSTASY, PEOPLE! YOU SHOULD TRY THIS!!! Probably, I sound like a junkie. I am. You might consider becoming one too! It’s excellent! Life is splendid!

Just behold how pretty my Scrivener file looks. It feels very nice to have one of these files. You can choose the background color of the editor (in this case, light green). You can also choose all the colors of the labels (the little circles to the right of the numbers, on the left-hand navigation bar).

Today, I was working on chapters 1-5: the green dots.

There is also a different view that you can select, to see your overall progress:

Here, too, you can select all sorts of options.

And this is what a healthy writing routine looks like for me:

Orange Town’s first word was written on November 18. Since then, it’s been steady progress.

Do you know how marvelous this is?! This is splendid!!! If you’re looking for ecstasy in life, consider getting addicted to this!!!

Anyway, you can observe that, at first, there were only new words. Then, in January, negative numbers started showing up. This is what happens while Backstitching. This isn’t editing. I circle back, move forward, and circle back, then move forward again. It is quite literally backstitching.

With the upcoming trip, it will months until I publish the book. I like to let a draft sit. However, I have recovered my confidence that while this draft sits, I will be able to write another story.

And I shall keep absorbing videos on fun topics. But it’s likely that there won’t be something that can be called a “streak,” anymore, for the time being. It will be more like a one day ON, the next day OFF thing.

And very randomly:

There is a scene in “Orange Town” in which Greta, the protagonist, is talking to Ms. Blackwhite, who is the child of Mr. Black and Ms. White. Greta wonders what will happen with the name of Ms. Blackwhite’s potential children:

I wrote this.

Then, some time later, I was watching a part of the movie “Tesla.” (The one from 2020, with Ethan Hawke in it.) In the movie, a character says this:

“Sure, Brown is a pretty common American name. Brown and Green, two color names. I knew an Orange once, James. But he pronounced it Oranje.”

“Tesla,” the movie.

Excuse me? 🤣

I swear, I wrote the scene in “Orange Town” and then watched that part of “Tesla,” the movie. This was my most recent amusing & random synchronicity. I didn’t watch the whole movie, so I can’t be 100% certain, but the above line from the movie seems like such a random thing to say in a movie about Tesla, isn’t it?

Life is splendid! The way the world unfolds is so weird!