The beauty of the ebook-making process (with Vellum).



Not the content, because it’s in Korean, but the general beauty of the organized-ness of the ebook-making process, using Vellum.

The Korean version of “Noir Urbanisms” MUST BE COMPLETED by late March, because in early April, workshops and the launch party (!) will happen.

And, if it were just us deciding that it’s gonna happen, I might have been concerned that things might get delayed again. But, this time, they will happen on time, because we’re getting government money from the organization that invited us to do the workshops and have the launch party. In other words, it’s indirect government money. But it’s government money anyway, and government money is scary money, because no matter the amount, those folks want reports! They keep deadlines!

This is actually excellent. I am glad there is a deadline now.

What is less clear is why ebooks in Korea aren’t more popular.

I mean, due to the contracts that English-speaking publishers have, there is a tendency for translated ebooks to cost a lot. However, for very long nonfiction books, ebooks are way handier than paper books. I always use the search feature of nonfiction ebooks. I also keep digital notes.

Hyewon wondered if we shouldn’t spend any resources on ebooks at all, by just selling pdf ebooks, instead of EPUB ebooks. And I was like, “Girl, are you kidding? I will not tolerate us selling pdf ebooks!” Because, well, if it’s a photography book, then yeah, pdf ebooks make sense. But for a book with More than 100,000 words of text, notes included? NO!!! NO WAY!!! EPUB ALL THE WAY!!!

Besides, “not spending any resources on ebooks” won’t make much of a difference, because Vellum is one of the best things that ever happened to publishers. It is literally drag and drop from a Word file. With a nonfiction book that has so many superscripts and notes, I do a thorough read afterward, sure. With fiction book, too, actually, I have a “Vellum round” where I read through after the book sits in Vellum. But if a fiction writer were to be on a deadline, she could just drag and drop a Word file (most writing tools will have an export to Word feature), and she’d get an EPUB file within seconds. There will be pretty much no room for error.

AND oh, within those same seconds, she’d also get PDF versions–regular print, large print, various sizes, various margins, you name it.

Darn. Brad and Brad from Vellum are contributing so much to humanity. I mean, seriously. This is days of labor, converted into a few clicks.

Behold this beautiful table of contents too:

It’s just fantastic.