The day before departure.


Before leaving Seattle. Seattle streets.

White flowers are as pretty as pink ones–especially the wild kind. Actually, I’d say the prettiest are the yellow ones. These days (in California, as of July) I am seeing yellow flowers, mostly. I don’t know if it’s a regional thing or a monthly thing… maybe pink is the predominant color in April/May, and in June/July, it’s yellow time.

At any rate, white flowers–on the trees, nearer the ground. Mini flowers. Cute.

And, oyster party.

I. love. oysters.

The world may not be my oyster, but oysters can be my world. We ordered 3 dozen oysters for 3 people. My brother ate 14. D and I ate 11 each. My brother also loves oysters. D seemed shocked that he and I could eat so many oysters in one sitting. And yet, she managed to eat 11, just like me. I was proud of her.

We went here:

There are multiple locations. We went to the one on 124 Republican Street.

Go during Happy Hours. The oysters will make you happier then. Good cocktails. Good price. ☺️

More white flowers. Seattle was in bloom.

And, a lone airplane. Bye bye, Seattle.