The hotel in Portland.


Portland is wayyyy less expensive than Seattle. And the size of the room showed that. In Seattle, D and I shared one queen bed. In Portland, for about the same price, we each had our own queen beds. Queens, we were…! (Argh, hahahaha that word gives me the shivers, the way it’s used these days. No, we weren’t queens.)

The streets of Portland are even smoller than the streets of Seattle. The buildings stand closer. But also, nature is right there. And it could be seen from the window.

The sunset… looked more beautiful to my human eyes than to the lens of my phone camera, the way I use it.

The Paramount Hotel:

Friendly staff, big lobby. Two restaurant/bars attached to the lobby. D and I did not visit either one of them, but this is very handy. This just gives you peace of mind. Food, always available.

Btw, the lobby door to this hotel is heavy. The wind is so strong. It’s not that the wind outside is strong, it’s that for some structural reason, the pressure on this specific door is really strong. Usually, there’s a doorman, but sometimes there isn’t one, in which case D or I used the entirety of our bodily weight to pull on the door. It was much fun. 😂 There’s a button, for disabled people. The door opens automatically. But, I don’t know, we operated on habit. At least, in my case, I automatically reached for the handle. And then when I felt the wind pressure, that’s when I regretted it. But at that point, I felt a strange stubbornness. 😂 And I just tried to open the door with my weight, instead of pressing the button.