The life of the top 2%…


Hehe. I believe next year, I might be able to do top 1% for Duolingo.

Related to this, I would like to start a streak of spending 30minutes per day on topics that interest me. And these topics are abundance topics.

  • Money: especially, how to allow money to prosper. Money is a living breathing energy entity. I want to be more friendly toward it. It likes people who like it; it dislikes people who dislike it.This is something that anybody can observe–even when one happens to have not much money at a particular spacetime coordinate. I’m less interested in theory, which is useless in actually befriending money, as far as I can observe. I’m much more interested in actually treating it as a friend. I want money to prosper when it is with me.
  • Art: visual art, specifically. Artworks that can be bought and sold. I want a general overview of who is who and what is what. Right now, I am so ignorant of the art world that I cannot form any opinion other than “I like this” or “I don’t like this.” Such opinions are valid, of course. We don’t need to be experts in a field to like or dislike. For example, I like some soap and I don’t like some soap; and yet, I don’t plan to study soap. But with art, I do think I would like to eventually buy/sell/collect. Thus I need more than like/dislike. With art, actual physical art, it takes up space. What is going to justify my selecting a particular piece of art and not any other art that I also like? That’s what I want to know. In other words, I need more filtering options.
  • Clothing: just… in general. I doubt I will be making my own clothing. But I would like to have a general idea of, what makes good clothing? What is the big deal about fashion? Why is not being naked not enough?
  • Properties: houses and such. Globally. Not for renting out to others. For owning, living, vacationing.
  • Farming: privately. I don’t think I’ll ever sell crops. It’s too much responsibility, I think. Commercial farming is literally about feeding humans! That’s some real stuff, right there! But small hydroponic gardens look quite beautiful. They’re aesthetically pleasing and you can eat the stuff that comes from them! How cool is that? Soil gardens & fields are also beautiful, sure. But I wonder if there are more restrictions for that. (For one thing, everyone can know what crops I have. Is it allowed to have any crops I want? Probably not. Well. Because I don’t know, I want to find out.)

Probably, additional topics will join this list. And because I have allocated only 30 minutes per day on exposure to these topics, it will take some time (potentially, years) for me to apply the knowledge. But I gotta start somewhere, and 30 minutes sounds doable.

Plus Duolingo top 1%, next year. That should be achievable. Hehehe. No goals for Endel. Endel is just Endel. I’m glad I got the app before they switched to a monthly subscription. I think that’s what they have now. But I bought the lifetime deal for less than $100 when they first started. I’m quite happy with that.


The “30min Fun Topics Absorption Time” streak started today, 2024.12.24. I learned some random things about private banking, David Hockney, and what a huge house fire looks like.

I gotta say, I don’t know about fashion but it looks like Mr. Hockney does. His clothing choices match his artworks. His life is art!


Look at that! He is melting into his painting. Adorable color choice!

Source: CNN