Things keep changing for Sponge.


I am uncertain how I should be categorizing my nonfiction stuff.

For a while, it used to be:

  • Sponge for audio
  • Blog for everything else.

More recently:

  • Sponge for audio
  • BMAC for semi-private, semi-public writings.

But in the past week, I’ve been thinking about all the random stuff I absorb–fiction, nonfiction, mangas, animated movies, movies with real people, books, books in foreign languages, etc. I’ve also been thinking about the extra steps it takes to create audio content. Moreover, the weight of carrying around unpublished stuff. Yes. This weight is real. I do not like carrying around this weight. Just having things that aren’t published yet does not feel good. Having things unwritten and carrying them in my head as mental notes does not feel good. Things goes out and then other things are supposed to fill the void; otherwise I feel stale. With audio, it’s more difficult to keep up with the circulation than with text.

But then, audio has its benefits. I like audio content. Audio makes me feel like I know the speaker, more so than video content. (For some reason, video content doesn’t feel as “real” to me, even though, in some ways, one could argue that video content has more information for me to process.)

But then again, Sponge had ONE written episode after I began publishing audio episodes. That one episode wasn’t very popular.

But I’m not sure if it’s because audio folks simply don’t feel like moving to written text, when they’re already on audio platforms such as Spotify, Apple podcasts, and Google podcasts, or if it’s because people just don’t like written stuff. Probably it’s the former.

But I don’t know.

So many buts…!

But some things just can’t be put in audio format. So, I’ve written a new written post for Sponge. In it, I was able to embed a Youtube video, which is useful.

Ah. I wonder what I’ll do with Sponge.