This restaurant, I recommend.


One of the joys of traveling is going to breakfast/brunch places more often than humanly justified. And, I am not sure if the following restaurant is officially a breakfast/brunch place, but I associate eggs with breakfast, so D and I went here for breakfast.

Skalka. “Georgian Bakery,” it says. An interesting combination of decorative objects, it has.

And, the food:


You can eat the entire thing. The bowl is the bread. The bread is the bowl. And the bread is delicious.

Ya know, sometimes you get clam chowder in a bread bowl and the bread doesn’t taste so good, so you regret having gotten the bread bowl option, might as well just have gotten a regular paper bowl and then no food would’ve been wasted?

It’s not like that here. The bread bowl is sooooo good.

Also, ya know when sometimes you wonder why they have to make the portion sizes so huge, cause, who could possibly eat all of this in one sitting?

It’s not like that either, here. It seems that the bread bowl has to be this size. As in, perhaps the people of this restaurant are simply following the laws of physics (and thermodynamics and whatnot). I mean, there’s got to be the ideal balance between the thickness of the bowl and the size of the bowl. And the circumference of the bowl and the radius of the bowl. And the temperature of the oven and the time it takes for the flour to cook, and such.

Moreover, just aesthetically, the bowl is… pleasing. 😆😆 It’s so balanced and whole. Besides, it’s not that huge. A regular-sized man would probably be satisfied with this portion size. And a regular-sized woman might get somewhat overfull, but still be satisfied. A smol-sized woman will not be able to finish this. This is the perfect size for taking home and consuming over two consecutive days.

This is a place I want to visit again, when I am in Seattle next time.

Upon visiting their website, it says “Downtown Seattle’s Most Unique Breakfast and Lunch Restaurant.” And this food’s name is “Khachapuri.”

Address: 77 Spring St, Seattle, WA 98104

And then the website says, “Khachapuri is just perfect for breakfast as for lunch or dinner.” 😁 Really, you can eat it any time of the day. Also, they call it “Bread boats,” not bread bowls. Aha!