Time shall disappear and therefore become infinite


Recently, the concept of time has been stressing me out.

But the thing is, time is an illusion. I know this from first-hand experience. (I believe many people know this from first-hand experience, whether they think about it consciously or not.) Time flies, or time passes slowly. What creates the illusion is the mind.

So, I am going to try making time disappear. For quite a few years, I have been tracking the relationship between the absolute amount of time (what humans measure with a clock) and my output (such as word count). I will stop doing that. I will still have goals and tasks and lists, but I will stop tracking them with regard to time…

…except that there is the beginning of the day and the end of the day. That, I don’t think I can make disappear with mind-power. The sun rising and setting is too powerful for me to disregard.

But what happens within a day, I will try to perform with as little regard for time as possible.

I think this will help me think that I have lots of time. What I have lots of, why would I over-measure and over-analyze? Thus, by making time disappear, time will become infinite—at least in my perception. Between the sun rising and the sun setting, I will have infinite time.

And because I have lots of time, perhaps I will be able to put myself in the mindset of having lots of other things as well.