To the heavens…?


Right from the hotel on, a long park connects this part of Portland to Portland State University.

So much green…!

I love Portland for all its green.

The curious thing was that, to both sides of this park, there were so many churches. In fact, this whole neighborhood is full of churches!

And the buildings are all very beautiful. Clearly, they couldn’t possibly be as old as their architectural styles imply. (So new and clean, they are.) But still, they’re beautiful buildings. D and I tried to get into the church in the two last pictures, above. Unfortunately, the church was closed.

But anyway, what a curiously concentrated collection of churches, this was. Are the students at the Portland State University very religious? Are the folks in this area very religious? Aren’t people in other neighborhoods of Portland also in need of religious buildings? In which case, if there are so many here, then how many more are elsewhere?