Trip. Logging elsewhere. Info on that.


Hello internet friends and strangers.

I will attempt to log my upcoming trip on the Eye site. An example post is here:

This trip is the direct result of conscious eyework. Hence, if I am going to log the trip, putting the posts there seems to make the most sense. Plus, I wonder if I will do the logging more promptly, this time, if I’m motivated because, like, folks, this is practical stuff. The trip itself isn’t practical for you, but the fact that the trip is a result of a worldview that could be practical for you, is the practical part.

That said, it’s of course possible that you aren’t interested in someone else’s worldview, because you have your own. That makes perfect sense. I’m like that too. I have a functioning worldview, and the most pointless thing I could do is to tell myself that I have one, while, in actuality, continuously seeking something else. If you have a nice worldview that you enjoy and you love your life, there is absolutely no need to go around exploring other worldviews–unless alternate-worldview exploration itself is your worldview!

So, if you don’t want to hear too much about my worldview, what you could do is follow the travel tag, specifically: which also has its own RSS:

But, that said, my worldview is… well, it is my worldview! I view the world through the worldview. My worldview is an actual worldview, where I perceive everything through that worldview. It isn’t a “worldview” that exists separately from “reality.” (Before I adopted my current worldview, I heard such nonsense from some people who claimed to have their own conscious worldviews. They didn’t. It is total nonsense and a scary excuse that one separates one’s “worldview” from one’s “reality.”) Therefore, the travel posts will also have my worldview in it, inevitably.

But it’s not like my worldview isn’t in these posts, on this blog. So. Like. It’ll be the same.

Also, the words used in my worldview are simple. For example, when I tell you right now that “My POV is specialized to catch writing inspirations because I enjoy writing very much,” you probably understand what I mean without immediately thinking “Wow, Ithaka much jargon. Worldview much indecipherable.” I use storytelling terms to describe my worldview: POV, specialization, avatar, storyteller, novelist, character, etc. The terms are mostly self-explanatory, because they’re in the dictionary and we’re born to tell stories. I know of not a single person who isn’t telling a story about themselves. The context of how the terms are intertwined + actionable practices–that is what I describe in my worldview. But you don’t need to be interested in that to read the travel posts.

I will try to keep the travel posts short, and include many pictures. Maybe if you visit Seoul at some point in the near future, you will recognize places from the posts. I was born in Seoul, but I haven’t been back in 4.5 years. I also haven’t been Korean, on paper, for well over a decade. Expect touristy behavior.

Folks who aren’t interested in my worldview will be able to enjoy the pictures.

Folks who are interested in my worldview will be able to see that this worldview is helping me live the most fulfilling story ever, more and more. The following have been the direct results of eyework:

  • The desire to take this trip: my noticing it at all and giving it validity, instead of automatically saying “it won’t work”
  • Prestige Class flight ticket & place to stay at almost no cost (less than $1,000): my being open to receiving free or near-free things without attaching a weird story about how “I just can’t”
  • The lecture/workshop series I will be giving with my friend, while there: In other words, work! A long-term trip that involves work is what I always wanted, for most of my life. (Note that for me, work = love.) I just hadn’t thought it was possible, before doing eyework.
  • The above lecture/workshop series being my first public speaking gig: I had an extreme fear of the mob. The mob didn’t have to be large. Also, in my head, I knew that large groups of people weren’t necessarily a mob, but in my gut, I was terrified. Now I don’t have that fear. Or, to be more precise, I know that even if a mob were to attack me, I will be there with me. (Much of The Storyteller’s Eye is about not abandoning oneself.)
  • My feeling no aversion toward being photographed: at this point, I feel nothing LOL
  • Will be meeting Haru, a lady I have been fangirling over, for months: Back in late July, I reached out to Haru to offer to translate her content from KOR to ENG. That was the first time I reached out to an internet stranger. (That itself was the result of eyework.) She made The Storyteller’s Eye click, for me. Our worldviews aren’t exactly the same, but her worldview–so elegant, so organized, so practical–helped me build mine & want to organize it for the potential adoption by others. Now, she isn’t a stranger. She even sent me a gift box! And in early April, she is going to buy me lunch! We’re going to take a walk through cherry blossom roads! (Early April is peak time.) I feel so successful…! I am a successful otaku…! Fangirl victory much…!
  • and so on and so forth.

Basically, The Storyteller’s Eye is enabling me to simply be what I claim I want to be, because what I want to be is exactly what I need to be. It is the same. Like in any story. What happens to the character is exactly what the character wants and needs. Want and need are the same.