Will “The Bathroom Reviewer” be a thing in Seoul?


The idea of a sub-blog (or, I guess, it could be a tag) titled “The Bathroom Reviewer” was something I came up with after my visit to Seattle, last May. All the restrooms that I went to, in Seattle, were so beautiful. The same trend continued in Portland. Those bathrooms were not only clean, but also had great design. Like, paintings and such. Intricate tiles and such. They all looked different too. Not the monotonous sameness of restrooms elsewhere. There was so much variety. Plus, they smelled nice in a way that was beyond clean. I’m speaking of roses and jasmine, not merely cleaning products.

Upon my return from the trip, I regretted that I hadn’t made bathroom review a thing. It would’ve been such a weird and enjoyable trip theme. As I am cleaning this blog, right now–picking which posts to keep and which to delete–I read through those old posts, and… yeah, I still regret it!

So, I would like to make “The Bathroom Reviewer” a thing during my next trip. Only, I wonder if this will be possible in Seoul.

For one thing, Seattle and Portland, in May 2023, were extremely empty in a way that made me question whether they could be called “cities” at all. That is probably the #1 reason why the bathrooms were that clean. Where I live, yeah, it’s a city but a city that is waaaayyyy smaller than Seattle and Portland, and it still has more people than I encountered in Seattle and Portland! So, if you go to the public bathroom at a park, it absolutely does not smell nice. Not only that, some of the stalls looks like a maniac went there to pee. Seriously. It seems that some people walk into public bathroom stalls not in order to do what the restrooms were designed for, but to destroy property. Like, put the toilet paper all over the floor and walls, and then shit all over them. Sometimes, literally.

This makes me really scared LOL… What kind of people am I walking amongst? For a while, I wondered if it was me–as in, me being in this reality where I am haunted by manic bathroom visitors. But upon reflection of bathroom experiences elsewhere + after my visit to Seattle and Portland, I concluded that it’s not me, or at least not only me. It’s not something that’s following me around like a curse, no matter where I go. I guess that presently, I just happen to live in a city where there happens to be a manic bathroom user–or several–running around freely…

Anyway, the point being: I’m not gonna do The Bathroom Reviewer to show people dirty bathrooms! So, if I’m gonna do it, the bathrooms gotta be, mostly, clean and beautiful!!! And I don’t know if that’s gonna be possible in a city the size of Seoul, with that many people.

Another reason I wonder if it’s gonna be possible is that, unfortunately, I have heard a lot about bathroom creepery in Seoul. It is a city that is full of cameras everywhere–official security cameras, and also, of Youtubers and simply lots of people taking their own pictures of their food, their friends, and the buildings. But, not only that, there are hidden cameras. Fucking motherfucking loser creeps are said to be hiding cameras in public restrooms. I’m not sure how much of this will occur in my reality, in that, at this point, I very much know that I am experiencing my own reality. It very much doesn’t necessarily overlap with someone else’s. So, my main concern isn’t some loser creep getting footage of me peeing (??? wtf ???) but rather, other people thinking I’m a creep, even when I am only taking a picture of the public area of a public restroom. I don’t want to alarm people, when there is a general consensus that they have a good reason to be alarmed.

But even if The Bathroom Reviewer isn’t possible, I am looking forward to seeing PEOPLE! Not drivers, not exercisers, not dogwalkers, but people going somewhere cause, like, they walk to get to places! &(*^O(&yo&Y*(&^)!!!! So excited!!!!